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The Journey

by Sawyer Bateman

Let's take a journey and yours begins here, you'll see nothing can stop you, not even your fear.

So let the path guide you and remember your light, because the genius inside you is meant to shine bright!

Published Date
July 17, 2013


This story will teach young readers to face their fears and have confidence to make the difference that only they can make in the world.

About The Author

"I have been told all my life that I would grow up to change the world. I believe every child should be told to follow their path and never lose sight of the light they hold inside. It is this same light that has helped me grow into the person I am today. I am changing the world, and I have my own Journey to thank for that. I challenge everyone to remember your light, and don't be afraid to shine it bright for the whole world to see." Sawyer Bateman