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Promptings: Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference

by Kody Bateman

Consciously or not, we are collecting stories every day of our lives. The stories we collect in our mind have a dramatic impact on the stories that happen in our lives.

Published Date
October 2010


A master storyteller, Kody uses stories to illustrate the significance of acting on your feelings—the inner promptings, that inner voice that describes your uniqueness and significance, and the outer promptings, the impulses to reach out in kindness to those around you. When pursuing goals and dreams, it’s important to remember there are things in this world only we can do and people in our lives only we can touch. Heeding promptings will keep the infinite pathway of energy flowing. When a prompting comes, act. Promptings guide you to your genius within, helping you make the difference only you can make in the world.

Kody will teach you to recognize and celebrate your own genius. Knowing you are an amazing human being provides constant nourishment to your promptings, keeps you in the feel-good state, and guides you to your genius. It will bring a lifestyle of abundance to you.

About The Author

Author Kody Bateman is the founder and CEO of a global network marketing company, which was recently featured in the Inc. 500 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. Kody is a best-selling author and visionary leader who is living his dream and travels the world teaching others to do the same. Kody has anchored his network marketing company with an ongoing personal development event. Over the past eight years he has personally conducted that event for sold-out audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. He teaches that the activities of your subconscious mind must be in alignment with your conscious desires in order to succeed. Kody believes everyone has an MLM blueprint in their subconscious mind, which either propels them to success or holds them in failure. This book is poised to help millions of people discover their own MLM blueprints, and help them learn how to massively strengthen them to live the life of their dreams.
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